Welcome to the Butler Legacy Group! Whether you are looking to build a new custom home, or something as simple as having a picture hung on your wall, we have the solutions.

The company that started it all, Butler Homes, was founded in 1964 by Leroy Butler. Since that time Leroy and his son, Kevin, have built over 500 custom homes and completed countless remodeling projects in our community. Leroy Butler passed away in 2000, but his son Kevin, and grandson Jason, carry on the legacy of building fine custom homes, that the Butler name has become synonymous with.

My Go To Guy Handyman Services is our second brand created to handle the jobs that Butler Homes cannot. Through the Great Recession, Kevin realized there was a dire need for a company to handle all of the small home repairs, that most construction companies don’t want to do. My Go To Guy only does small jobs, which allows for quicker response times. We have clearly marked vehicles and uniformed service technicians for your safety, as well as competitive rates and ease of payment. The term “no job too small” actually applies with My Go To Guy Handyman Services.

Service Elite Roofing Solutions LLC, our most recent brand, was most definitely needed in our area. The quality of roofing installers in our area has been severely lacking. It was Kevin’s goal to bring a higher level of professionalism and quality to the residential roofing industry. Service Elite provides this with superb service, products, worker safety, and properly registered warranties.

Butler Homes had always provided roofing services on a small scale, but most people looking for a new roof would not think of calling a home builder. Therefore, Kevin saw a need to create a new brand, transforming the roofing division into Service Elite Roofing Solutions LLC. Since doing so, our roofing division has continued to grow and is now one of the leading residential roofing companies in our area.